San Michele
San Michele is an area restaurant and traditional
La Cambusa
Born to raise the wines of the area, La Cambusa, is the cellar of the restaurant.
Il Salto dell'Acciuga
Il salto dell'acciuga is a gem of delicacies.

  • The San Michele Restaurant is situated near the famous 12th century Abbey of the same name. Rooted in the culture and
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  •     The Salto Dell'Acciuga (the leap of the anchovy) --our new deli-- takes its name from the book of
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Restaurant San Michele

via Umberto I 33, 10051 Avigliana TO

Timetables: Daily 10: 30-14: 30, 18-23: 30

Closing days: Sunday evening, Monday evening, Tuesday evening.

Phone:  011 934 1818



Gastronomy Il Salto dell'Acciuga

via Umberto I 31, 10051 Avigliana TO